Hair Brushes


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Showing 1–28 of 436 results

Hair Brushes Of Every Style & Shape You Could Dream Of

Do you have suffer from limp hair, persistent tangles and splitting ends? There are hair brushes that are able to tackle any hair problem head-on.

Stock up on hair brushes from our vast range of hair essentials to achieve the look you want.

Start off by investing in an excellent hair brush to ensure your hair is groomed and styled just the way you like it.

Hair brushes are made in a multitude of shapes and sizes for any type of hair. Whether you prefer to use a round brush for blow-drying or favour a paddle brush – every hair brush serves a different function and purpose to style long, smooth locks or if you enjoy funky, ethnic style.

A rounded brush, on the other hand, creates bounce as well as instant body; all you need to do to get that Hollywood look is to roll your locks around a rounded hair brush and lift while blow-drying to accentuate both layers and height.

Take note that your hair is at its most fragile when wet, therefore extra care should be taken when you tackle knots and tangles. It is advisable to use a hair brush specifically designed for wet hair or a large-toothed comb. A detangling brush is an excellent choice for this task.

Remember that you must never share your brushes with anyone and give them a good clean at least once a month.

We also offer a wide range of hair brushes specifically for curly hair. Make sure to check them out.