Paddles & Detanglers

Soft and luxurious paddles

There is just something different about a great paddle or cushion brush. It is our comforter in times of strife. See our selection here.

Showing 1–28 of 177 results

Showing 1–28 of 177 results

Big, luxurious pieces

For many people, brushing is a form of relaxation, a self-improvement activity that soothes our nervous system and calms us down. During these stressful times, reaching for your favourite brush can be all you need to feel better. When we imaging what kind of brush this is, it is likely a big, soft, luxurious paddle brush that just sings on our hair. It is like a big, comfortable blanket that tells us everything is going to be fine. In this category, we have grouped all paddles & detanglers together so you can find your next styling partner.

What makes some paddles & detanglers so much better than others? You can tell when a paddle is good or not instantly upon picking it up and feeling its bristles and cushion. The way bristles run along you fingers gives you an idea about its quality. In this category, we have a wide range of paddles to suit every price point, from more affordable to the most premium in the industry.