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Showing all 24 results

A Bronzed Glow In Minutes

Get a sun-kissed look without risking sun damage to your skin. We offer a range of the best self-tanning products, from lotion to oil and full home kits.

As more information comes out about the harmful effects of traditional sunbathing, tanning with the help of products has become much more popular. Instead of subjecting the skin to incredibly invasive UV rays from the sun, these products allow you to achieve customizable results in the comfort of your home.

Choose from a variety of tanning products to achieve your perfect sun-kissed glow. These are professional-quality products that are used in spas around the world. These tanning products are non-invasive and are gentle on the skin. The resulting tan looks natural and instantly brightens any complexion.

We offer a range of professional organic self-tanning products that prioritise natural ingredients. Treat yourself!

Tips for getting the best home tan

Nothing beats a healthy-looking tan, minus the permanent sun damage. With the right products, you can fake your tan at home – without tan lines, smudging or artificial orange colouring.

Use the right gear

To avoid ending up with stained palms and a blotchy tan, buy the right application products before you start.

A good application mitt can be used with tanning lotion or gel for a streak-free appearance. It also helps in attaining better coverage for hard-to-reach areas.

Planning on applying a spray tan? Avoid staining personal clothing or unwanted areas and keep your hair clean, try a disposable spray tanning kit with disposable top, bottom, hair and foot covers.

Prepare for your tan

For a smooth, natural-looking tan, prepare your skin properly beforehand by applying pre-tanning lotion, oil, gel or spray.

It’s also a good idea to exfoliate. The key is to get rid of dead skin that can make your tan look uneven.

Invest in a good exfoliator, or make your own sugar scrub at home. At least a day before you plan to use your self-tanning product, scrub the skin in a circular motion.

Rinse, and follow with a good moisturiser.

You can also achieve a more even effect by using a pre-tanning primer. Apply to skin folds on and behind the knees, elbows, and hands to create a smooth base for tanning.

Make your home tan last longer

Maintain your tan by moisturising every day. Also invest in the best natural tan enhancer you can afford to make the most of your fake tan.

Ingredients such as avocado oil, shea butter and coconut nourish and hydrate the skin, and prolong your tan.

Hairhouse Warehouse offers high-quality self-tanning products online in South Africa. These include professional self-tanning lotions, oils and gels from leading UK brand, Tantruth – for a long-lasting, natural-looking tan.