Scrunchies & Wraps


Professional Clip-On Hair Scrunchies

For this year’s best dressed hair you simply have to invest in a couple of colourful hair scrunches & wraps; the range of Emma Synthetic hair scrunchies are made in Mahogany, Fire Cracker or Rust.

Hair scrunchies & wraps are this year’s latest accessory that will add an element of fun and pizzazz to your hair wardrobe. Simply slip on easy-to-wear trendy plaits in a myriad colours to your every-day do. There is a colour for almost every day of the week.

Emma Synthetic Hair Braided Scrunchies come in a variety of hues which include white, orange, red, purple and blue.

These newcomers are ideal for work and play, day or night. Did you know that you can transform an entire outfit simply by adding the right hair accessories to change a whole look?

It is no secret that hair scrunchies are the next big thing for hair.