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Showing 1–28 of 64 results

Finding The Best Face Moisturiser

High-quality facial moisturisers and creams can make all the difference to your skin, leaving your face hydrated, healthy and protected.

Moisturiser is an essential part of any beauty regime. Keeping your skin hydrated can also keep it looking younger and healthier for longer. Here’s what you need to know before trying out a new face moisturiser.

Hairhouse Warehouse also offers natural and organic face creams made with naturally derived ingredients like botanical extracts and plant oils with minimal chemical processing and often with certified organic ingredients.

What’s the difference between moisturiser and face cream?

Creams are often thicker than moisturiser, and are formulated to treat specific conditions such as acne, pigmentation, scarring, or wrinkles.

Moisturiser tends to be a little thinner in consistency, but works to provide intense hydration for the skin in addition to treating skin conditions.

As a rule of thumb, moisturisers are used during the day time, while face creams are best for night use.

What is the best face moisturiser for dry, sensitive skin?

If your skin is cracked, flaky and calloused, you should choose a moisturiser with anti-inflammatory properties.

The best face moisturiser for dry skin usually also contain antioxidants to protect the face and neck from environmental factors, helping cracked skin from recurring.

Is there a good moisturiser for oily faces?

Oily skin often causes blackheads and breakouts. A daily oil control moisturiser will reduce oil buildup on your skin over time, helping to manage acne.

The best face moisturiser for sensitive, acne prone skin shouldn’t dry out the face excessively. Invest in a moisturiser that contains micro-oil absorbers, and boosts collagen production at the same time to balance a shiny, oily complexion.

Should I wear a face moisturiser with SPF?

Of course it’s a bonus if your daily moisturiser can also protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Creams with UV protection usually provide care from SPF15 and upwards. The strength of protection you choose will depend on how much time you spend outdoors daily.

Tinted face moisturisers also often contain a light SPF. This means you have an all-in-one solution – and there’s no need to apply a separate foundation or sunscreen.

What is the best moisturiser for dry, black skin?

Any moisturiser that is specifically designed for dry skin should do the trick, but darker pigmented skin will definitely glow if you use a natural face moisturiser.

Moisturisers that contain shea butter, avocado oil, or honey can be especially hydrating for dry black skin.

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