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Turn Heads With Eyeliner

Eyeliner is the one absolutely essential beauty tool for gorgeous, striking eyes. We offer a range of high-quality, professional options that won’t smudge, fade or let you down.

Eyeliner for sale

People have been using eyeliner to highlight their eyes for 10,000 years at least, since the time of the Ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamians.

Today, eyeliner is more popular than ever – and with modern, scientifically formulated options, it’s safer, longer-lasting and more effective too.

The best eyeliner for the job

Eyeliner is available in six main types – kohl, liquid, gel, wax-based eye pencils, powder-based eye pencils and shimmer liner, in different bright colours.

Best waterproof eyeliner in South Africa

For eyeliner that won’t leave you looking like a panda by tea time, choose a waterproof option with a marker-like tip. This kind of tip makes it easier to draw crisp, clean lines.

How to apply eyeliner

Start by creating a line above your lashes.

Stand in front of a mirror, look slightly down and, gently, use a finger to pull outwards on the corner of your eye. This will pull your lid straight.

Instead of trying to draw a single, clean line, use smaller lines and strokes to build up the line, as close to the lash as possible. This is much easier and results in a smoother line.

If you choose, follow by adding a line just above your lower lashes. Look slightly down while you do this.

Don’t pull the skin hard and steer clear of overly heavy lining under the eye. Most important of all – don’t rush!

How to apply liquid eyeliner

Apply liquid eyeliner by drawing dots or dashes on the edge of your eyelid before slowly connecting them.

Make sure your “wings” are even by placing a dot at the outer corner of your eye before matching up the sides.

Liquid eyeliner tips

Make it easier to apply by:

    1. ensuring you have a place to rest your elbow to steady your hand
    2. using a cosmetic mirror to ensure a cleaner finish
    3. always looking down while applying to ensure the correct shape

For protruding eyes

Create the illusion of smaller lids by using a thick liner to line your top lash line.

For round eyes

Make your eyes look a little longer by lining the outer edges of your lash line. Also try a long winged liner look with the line extending slightly past your eye, in an upward curve.

For almond eyes

Use winged liner to complement the shape of your eyes and flick it up at the end. Alternatively, use a regular pencil liner and draw a thin line for small eyes and bit thicker for bigger eyes.

For green eyes

Bring out the green hues in your eyes by applying an eggplant (aubergine) colour eyeliner.

For hazel eyes

Rich, autumnal colours such as gold, brown and green is a good choice to enhance the colour of your eyes.

At Hairhouse Warehouse, we offer a carefully chosen range of the best eyeliners in South Africa, for long-lasting results at budget-friendly prices.