Lip Gloss & Tattoos


Glossy Lips In An Instant

Give your lips colour and shine with good-quality lip gloss. You can use it to elevate your lipstick too, blending shades or just adding lustre.

There’s no better way to accentuate your lips than with a little bit of gloss. You can give your lips lustre with a clear gloss, or make them appear full and plump with a shiny colour.

For a really dramatic look, also consider temporary lip tattoos! They’re smudge-proof and ideal for special events.

How to apply lip gloss

Applying lip gloss is a little different to applying lipstick. Luckily, most glosses come with a handy wand or brush to make the process easy.

Prepare your lips by removing any flaky skin. Next, line your lips with a nude liner.

Using the wand or brush, or your own lip gloss brush, apply the gloss working from the inside of the top lip, outwards. Repeat on the other side, and then on the lower lip.

Don’t pout or tighten your mouth, but rather relax and soften it. Lip gloss is a little more liquid-like than lipstick, so if you purse your lips you will apply too much product that will end up smudging.

The best lip gloss shades for dark skin

It can get a little tricky to find a shade suited to dark skin, but in general red lip gloss will always pop on tanned, caramel or almond tone skin.

Dark browns are ideal for a pared back look, and plum shades make for a dramatic night-time appearance.

Handy lip gloss tricks

To add subtle lustre to your favourite lipstick colour, add just a dab of clear glitter lip gloss in the centre of the lips, then press the lips together.

Always apply a lip balm beforehand to make your look last longer.

For a natural, nude look, apply foundation to your lips, and then round off with clear gloss.

A touch of pink gloss on each cheek is the same as a liquid blush. Remember to blend it.

Matte lip gloss vs shiny lip gloss

Yes, matte lip gloss works just as well as shiny gloss. In fact, the matte versions are usually long-wearing lip glosses, which mean less need for reapplication and touch-ups.

Remember that you have to apply it the same way as you would apply your normal gloss (not tightening or pouting your lips). It’ll probably last even longer if you finish off by dabbing it with a little tissue paper.

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