Hair Straighteners


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Showing 1–28 of 31 results

Straighten To Perfection

There is no time quite like the present to get your locks straight with our full complement of hair straighteners on offer. Sleek straight hair is on trend with models and A-listers alike boasting this season’s trends. You don’t need a complete team of celebrity stylists to get you that red-carpet look – instead all you really need is to equip yourself with professional hair styling tools to attain these wonderful results.

Hair straighteners are suited to all types of hair including ethnic to thick to curly; furthermore hair straighteners have been designed with breakthrough technology which will enable you to style sections of hair as well as larger sections of hair all at once, where you will be able to enjoy salon-ready hair which starts right at home. Create all the modern styles from sleek to curling the toughest textures. Enjoy full confidence that styles will now be able to last a lot longer as it retains moisture in the hair and seals the cuticles, leaving them relatively impermeable to water.

Tip: applying a heat protector before straightening greatly improves the end result while significantly reducing heat damage. Apply to damp or dry hair before straightening for enhanced benefits.