Jaguar ST600 Ceramic Iron, 230°C, 25mm


The perfect companion for effortless straightening and styling. Optimum gliding performance due to the high-quality tourmaline ceramic coating on the plates. This tourmaline technology imparts more shine while minimizing heat damage. Even and smooth heating plates with rounded edges and spring-mounted technology creates silky and glossy hair after just one pass. This creates a pleasant straightening experience with no tugging or snagging of hair strands. Features precise heat control through intelligent microchip temperature control with LED technology.



  • 25mm ceramic-coated plates for all hair types and thicknesses
  • Even, gentle straightening as a result of floating heating plates with rounded edges
  • Fast heat-up with 200°C reached within 1 minute
  • 3 meter, 360° swivel cord for easy maneuverability and to prevent discomfort
  • Individual, variable temperature control from 120°C-230°C
  • Automatically shuts off after 1 hour without use
  • Ideal for straightening and curling
  • Lightweight at only 433g
  • Precise heat control and recovery for consistent results every time
  • 3-meter cable with swivel cord for easy movement
  • One year warranty


Tip: applying a heat protector and styler product before straightening greatly improves the end result while significantly reducing heat damage. Apply to damp or dry hair before straightening for enhanced benefits. The full range of heat protectors can be found here.


To protect your electrical tool during loadshedding periods, we recommend disconnecting it from all power sources when not in use. This will prevent electrical damage caused by sudden power surges.



straightener accessories & treatment liquids

protect against heat damage

reverse any heat damage



German Engineering from Solingen

Jaguar has been at the forefront of the hair industry for many years, known worldwide for their absolute precision German technology and development for some of the most renowned styling tools in the industry. Absolute professional excellence for the quality-minded customer.
Made in Solingen, Germany. Jaguar have been at the forefront of the hair equipment industry for many years, world-renowned for their extremely well-made styling tools that are designed to work at optimum performance for many years. A perfect combination of reliability and incredible performance and style.




International Success

Jaguar is known for their high quality products with a large number of patents, making them one of the world’s leading manufacturers. Today, professionals in over 80 countries around the world use different Jaguar products. Jaguar’s Solingen manufacturing plant features 200 employees and produces up to 2,000 scissors per day. Jaguar also applies this dedication and efficiency to the other styling tools they produce which includes hairdryers, combs, clippers, bags, razors and straighteners.
One of the most important hair styling tools is the scissor. A standard haircut has scissor blades close and open up to 1000 times. To make cutting as relaxed as possible, Jaguar scissors are manufactured in accordance with strict quality standards:
  • Selection of high-quality stainless steel
  • Ergonomically optimized design
  • Smoothness, sharpness and manageability
Jaguar makes use of the very latest computer-controlled machines for production. However, the manual craftsmanship of their specialists is still indispensable today with more than 120 operations including several quality controls are carried out for each product.

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