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Showing 1–28 of 44 results

Quality Face Masks To Treat & Renew All Skin Type Needs & Concerns

Choosing the best face mask for your skin

It’s fun to treat yourself to a little TLC at home. But before you buy just any facial mask, make sure you know what’s best for your skin and needs.

Which face mask for pimples works best?

Purifying and blackhead face masks are the most effective when it comes to treating acne. These types of masks usually peel off, removing impurities in the process.

Because skin build-up is often to blame for breakouts, you can also opt for a face mask for oily skin. Natural ingredients such as tea tree oil and green tea are known to clear up oiliness and pimples.

How do peel-off face masks work?

Peel off masks usually have a gel-like consistency. Once applied to the skin (avoiding the area around the eyes and on the eyelids and mouth), the gel will start to harden and dry.

Once the mask is dry to the touch, it can be peeled off. Rinse off any remaining parts with lukewarm water.

My skin is very dry. What kind of face mask can I try?

If you’re looking for a face mask for dry skin, try a hydrating face mask that contains avocado or cucumber.

There are also hydration mask systems on the market consisting of several concentrated masks combined into one regimen. If your skin is extremely dry, try one of these systems and look for key ingredients such as collagen and hyaluronic acid.

How do overnight face masks work?

Overnight face masks are applied to the skin and left on overnight – a much longer time than conventional face masks.

These masks need more time to deeply penetrate the skin, allowing the active ingredients to work.

Overnight masks are less concentrated and contain soothing ingredients that allow you to leave it on for 8 hours or more.

Never leave a day mask on for longer than the specified time, as it can dry out your skin and cause allergic reactions.

What natural treatments are available for fine lines and age spots?

A good natural anti-aging face mask will contain ingredients such as grapeseed oil and rosehip oil, which can lighten age spots and pigmentation with continuous use.

Citrus and bananas are high in vitamin C, which is very effective when it comes to treating fine lines and deeper wrinkles.

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I need a face mask for instant glowing skin. What can I try?

If you need an instant refresh, a cucumber face mask or a green tea face mask will do the trick. These masks don’t only smell deliciously fresh, they will also rejuvenate your skin instantly.

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