Hair Loss Starter Packs


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Showing all 4 results

Professional Hair Loss Starter Packs

There is no time like the present to tackle hair loss; a great point of entry is to try out hair loss starter packs.

For excellence try Bosley Defence for Non-Colour Treated Hair Starter Pack:

But why Bosley?

Bosley Professional strength is fully committed in giving back that confidence and self-assurance to anyone whose confidence has taken a knock due to hair loss or thinning hair. Confidence goes hand in glove with a beautiful head of hair. Individuals that struggle with hair loss or thinning hair are self-conscious about this debilitating condition.

Bosley offers hair solutions through state-of-the-art products that will enable individuals to improve thinning hair which is not quite as uncommon as you might believe.

The thinning and loss of hair is a direct result of the hair growth lifecycle being interrupted, which in turn causes a rapid cycle of the follicle which begins to create smaller and finer hair. As a result long pigmented terminal hair then becomes shorter, finer weaker hair that might even stop growing altogether.

Thinning of the hair and the degree of thinning will differ from person to person; furthermore other reasons which include general health, genetics and follicle sensitivity to the hormone, DHT (dihydrotestosterone), will influence thickness of the hair.

Hair loss starter packs are perfect for those individuals concerned about hair loss, and if you are unsure which path to choose or what treatment will work best for you, consult a trichologist – a hair specialist – for expert advice.