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Sometimes You Just Need To See Your Perfect Results

Looking to buy a good makeup mirror in South Africa? We can help, with mirrors ranging from ones small and handheld to larger and rectangular, and professional standing with LED lighting.

Mirrors are a vital part of applying makeup. It saves time and ensures you are applying everything in the right spots. Sometimes you need a sit-down mirror with LED lights so you can relax and apply your makeup perfectly in your own time. Other times you may need a handheld mirror for on-the-go touch-ups. Sometimes you may need a tiny mirror attached to the back of your phone so you can always check your makeup throughout the day.

Choosing a good makeup mirror

Whether you’re cleansing your face or applying makeup, you shouldn’t be craning your neck or get yourself in an uncomfortable position. Here’s what you need to know about buying the perfect mirror for travel, home, or professional use.

Makeup mirrors with lights

If you’re looking for a LED makeup mirror in South Africa, various options are available.

For truly professional makeup application day after day, consider a countertop makeup mirror – with or without LED lights, and with various magnification panels for ease of use.

A foldable mirror is ideal if you have limited space.

Makeup mirrors with lights may work or be chargeable via a USB direct power supply. Mirrors may also work on batteries.

The best portable makeup mirrors

Looking for a travel makeup mirror? The trusted hand mirror is a good go-to option. If you plan to keep it in your handbag, look for a foldable makeup mirror. This keeps the mirror face covered to protect it from scratches.

LED light travel mirrors, with battery-powered LED lights, are also available. These are perfect for applying or checking makeup when you’re out and about.

Peel-and-stick crystal phone case mirrors can be stuck to any phone or phone cover, and are also ideal for quick touch-ups.

Choosing a wall-mounted makeup mirror

If you’re going for a wall-mounted mirror, you’ll get the best lighting and coverage from a square or rectangular makeup mirror.

Be sure to hang the mirror in a well-lit spot, ideally with lots of natural light.

Hairhouse Warehouse offers a range of makeup mirrors online in South Africa. These are ideal for both home and professional use.