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Crazy Colour

One of South Africa’s most popular semi-permanent hair colour solutions. The unique selling point of Crazy Color is its effectiveness without the use or addition of any other products or substances. These products can be used on their own, making it extremely easy and quick to create high-quality semi-permanent hair colour. Its ease of use make it perfect for at-home colouring, saving you a trip to the salon. A huge variety of vibrant colours are available to match whatever style or situation.


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Showing all 18 results

World famous semi-permanent hair colour

Crazy Color Hair Dye burst onto the scene in 1977 with vibrant colours to boost the punk rock explosion of the times, and their bright colours have since bled into the world market and revived many a head with tantalising hues. Crazy Color has earned a loving following and cult status all over the world with their luminous shades. Today, they keep the heart of hair fashion beating, providing the shades that trend on Pinterest and giving customers the means with which to brighten their hair colour and make trending fashion statements. Each pink bottle of Crazy Color contains a colour that’ll rock your world. Their colour works perfectly on bleached hair for the brightest shade, or add energy and vibrance to natural hair. Whatever the colour you’re going for, let them bring courage to your hair.