Hair, welcome to the future.

K18 molecular repair reverses hair damage in just 4 minutes.

Hair damage solutions have always been around, but none have done the job right. In a world of superficial damage fixes, K18 has risen to the top with the ability to repair hair at a molecular level, regenerating damaged cells to make hair like new again.

Experience the power of molecular repair.

Shop our K18 products below. Shop the newly released molecular repair hair oil for immediate and long-term frizz correction. See the wonders of their famous leave-in molecular repair hair mask in action, the original product that catapulted K18 to worldwide recognition. See also their two deep cleansing shampoos, your new go-to for getting your hair back to a completely clean base level.

Deep conditioning and replenishment, as well as shield protection for the hair against environmental aggressors, UV rays and mechanical styling for up to 3 days.

This oil fights frizz immediately and long term. Strengthens, repairs damage, improves shine and reduces frizz at two levels of the hair fiber.

Explore the revolutionary repair mask to clinically reverse any kind of hair damage and make hair like new again. Take action against damage for good.

Discover the latest innovation in hair cleansing, maintenance and detox. Remove all stubborn buildup to return hair back to its clean and healthy base.