Brasil Cacau

Brasil Cacau is the country’s most popular Brazilian straightening and smoothing brand. Known for absolute quality, long-lasting effects and beautifully shiny hair full of volume. Their range of aftercare and styling products have become one of the most popular ranges in recent years as a dependable brand to remove frizz and keep hair straight, manageable and easy to style. Choose from a wide array of aftercare products to extend the life of your treatment. Also perfect for untreated hair to prevent the formation of frizz.



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Showing all 22 results

Keratin after-care products for frizz-free results

Brasil Cacau has flooded the modern market with their unique Keratin products and treatments. Launched in 2006, the exclusive Brasil Cacau treatment and products have met with unprecedented success in countries across the globe. Because of the Keratin-rich formula, their products are coveted and preferred by salon professionals and top hair designers all over the world. Even celebrities in Milan, Dubai, Paris, and Beverly Hills have joined the fad. Brasil Cacau is the best-selling Brazilian Keratin Treatment brand in South Africa and is known for its stunning performance at an affordable cost.

While the Brasil Cacau Keratin Treatment is a professional-only product, their range of aftercare products have been designed to perfectly suit Brazilian-treated hair to extend the treatment’s life and effectiveness. We all know our hair is made entirely of Keratin proteins, and Brasil Cacau makes use of Keratin rich formulas to restore hair to health and bring out the inner beauty and brilliance of dull and limp hair. These aftercare products are also ideal for those with untreated hair as the hair will still experience the numerous benefits derived from each product’s formula. Not only do Brasil Cacau’s aftercare shampoos, conditioners and masks look after your hair on a day-to-day basis, their range of styling and leave-in products provide excellent styling and environmental protection capabilities to ensure your hair looks stunning all day, every day.