Distinctly French and expertly crafted for the modern man’s styling needs. Expertly formulated for long-lasting styling perfection with gentle but effective ingredients. Travel-size products to take everywhere so you always look your best. Ideal for any leading man with demanding styles that need to be perfect.


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Showing all 21 results

Made in France, quality Hairgum men’s styling products since 1989

Right from the start, Hairgum has always been strongly committed to men’s hair styling with dedicated product ranges. Hairgum’s popular styling wax put them on the map as a premium supplier of styling control. It was Hairgum who relaunched “pomade” in the French market in 1989 and this kind of styling product has since exploded in popularity around the world. Today, the little wax tin with its iconic airplane motif is still Hairgum’s signature.

With an expansive range of waxes, pomades, balms and waxes, Hairgum have established themselves as a premium line of men’s hair styling. For years, the brand has been strategically expanding while maintaining its vintage look and feel. The ideal choice for the modern man who demands the best and needs their styling products to keep up with their fast-paced lifestyle.

We are happy to re-release this iconic brand to South Africa. Hairgum built a big following several years ago. Now, the brand has been rejuvenated and packaging reworked for modern styling needs. For many, this is the quintessential hair styling brand, a staple choice for many during their daily routines. This is the choice for those who take their styling seriously.