Grey Hair Root Cover


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Showing all 14 results

Salon Quality Grey Hair Cover

Add ageing tresses and menopause to the long list of things women encounter with each passing year and every birthday; indeed, grey hair is something most of us have to contend with as we get older. Grey root cover to the rescue.

Not only does our hair get grey as we age; hair may also start exhibiting signs of getting courser as well as drier, and in some instances, it begins to get a lot thinner through hair loss.

If you have got tons of grey hair, grey hair cover is unquestionably your very best option. Choose a hair colour from the palette on offer by Colormetrics Grey Roots Gone for an instant update and upgrade, banishing grey altogether.

We also offer a huge variety of products for touch-ups including Cover Sticks, Touchback Markers for Roots, Hair Mascara, Grey Root Touch Lipstick and a whole range of products to chase the grey away.

We cannot turn back the clock, but we can assist in helping to prevent more grey from making an appearance. It might be a good idea to up your fruit and vegetable intake; research shows that their antioxidants could assist in fighting off free radicals, which cause the oxidative stress that contributes in fading your hair.

If your hair is looking old, it is time to regain that youthful glow with grey hair cover.