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Showing 1–28 of 68 results

Professional Hair Styling Balm, Spray & Mousse

Hair balms, sprays and mousse are hair products that will give the kind of punch we seek all year round. If your hair needs a quick moisture boost or just a bit of a lift – choose one of these hair products to achieve the results you are looking for.

When the balance of natural moisturisers in your hair is compromised, hair will soon become limp, brittle or rough.

There is no time like the present to say goodbye to bad hair days with the array of high-tech hair styling products formulated for a plethora of uses and various hair types. 

Hair balms, sprays and mousse are some of the hair must-haves you should never be without; instead, stock up on these hair essentials to ensure your locks remain silky and shiny regardless of the season.

Always choose products that are specifically formulated to restore balance to your individual type of scalp and hair – if your hair has a tendency to being greasy, remember to choose styling aids and products with light ingredients.

For curls-on-the-go and when time is tight, keep your hair dryer and curling iron handy – furthermore, pack in the hair balm, spray and mousse to keep your look fresh all day long.

For fighting the frizz, styling mousse is humidity-resistant and leaves hair soft and light with no sticky build up; it also gives hair that super shine whilst protecting your locks against heat damage.