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The Right Tweezer For The Right Situation

The right tweezers make it quick and easy to maintain eyebrows. We offer high-quality options in a variety of materials, designs and attractive colours.

Types of eyebrow tweezers

There are six main types of tweezers – slant tip, pointed tip, pointed slant, square tip, round tip and curved. Each is suitable for different kinds of tasks. Generally, slanted ones are the best choice for eyebrow tweezing.

Shaping eyebrows with tweezers

Have a plan before you start tweezing!

To prepare beforehand, apply a little teething gel or an ice block to numb the area a little. Brush your eyebrows up and out, using a brush or just your fingers. Also, ensure you’re in bright light and set up a magnifying mirror, if you have one.

How to pluck eyebrows with tweezers

Then follow these steps for shaping your eyebrows:

      1. using an eyebrow pencil, mark out the desired starting point, the arch of your eyebrow and the end point
      2. connect the marked points, creating a smooth outline
      3. gently tweeze hairs above and below the outline, creating a smooth path of the desired width
      4. as you tweeze, gently hold down the adjacent skin, use tweezers to grip a hair at the root and pull in the direction that the hair is growing
      5. regularly check the mirror and be careful not to overpluck
      6. tweeze any hair in between your two eyebrows
      7. add a little soothing gel (aloe vera is also good) to calm your skin

Best tweezers for eyebrows

The perfect tweezers for eyebrows have perfectly aligned tips (ideally hand-filed for increased precision) with a 25-degree slant. The slant makes it easier to grip hairs along the brow and close in to the nose.

Some tweezers also feature a built-in step, to prevent them from opening while in use.

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