Professional Nail Products in South Africa

Every woman knows that having gorgeously manicured nails are the ultimate fashion accessory and that similar to fashion and hair styles, nail trends are forever changing. Today’s nail fashions tend to be low maintenance, and beautiful nails require little more than gorgeous high quality colour. Although to achieve lovely nails there are a couple of tricks such as using the correct tools as well as an excellent selection of nail products and polishes. When it comes to your nails, nothing can scream attention and femininity more than a colourless nail polish spiced up with a bit of glitter.

Choose your colours from a palette of eye-catching nail products such as gel polishes or go natural with the latest Beauty Pro Buffer for an additional sheen. Beautiful nails not only make your hands sparkle, they actually show that you care about your looks; think neon, metallic or in combinations that you never dreamed were possible.

In addition to a wide array of colours and tips, we carry a wide array of recommended tools and kits designed to make maintaining your nails as effortless as possible. Everything from cuticle clippers and scissors, to nails files and buffers in all configurations.

Finally, treat your nails to our wide selection of nail, hand and feet treatments sourced from top manufacturers from all over the world – everything you need to keep your nails, hands and feet in healthy condition.