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Showing all 21 results

Professional Foundation & Powder For A Flawless Result

The first step in getting the look you want is creating the perfect skin! We offer foundation, pressed powder, contouring palettes and concealer from leading makeup brands.

The difference between foundation, concealer and pressed powder

Foundation is available in liquid, solid or powder-based formulations. It’s designed to provide a base colour and coverage for your face.

Pressed powder is an alternative to liquid or cream foundation. It has the same function, providing an even base (or “foundation”) for your look.

Concealer – as the name suggests – is specifically for concealing blemishes, dark areas or imperfections on your skin.

Most beauticians recommend that you put foundation on before concealer. If you apply concealer before foundation, it’s likely you’ll end up rubbing most of it off. You’ll also use more than if you applied foundation first, possibly resulting in a less even, natural look.

What is contouring makeup?

Contouring involves using light and darker shades of foundation to change the shape and appearance of your face. Light shades make parts of the face stand out, while dark shades create a shadow effect and make parts of the face recede.

A contouring palette is designed to include light, dark and intermediate shades for perfect contouring.

How to apply foundation

Apply liquid foundation by dabbing small dots of foundation on your nose, forehead, cheeks and chin. Use a makeup sponge or brush to spread the foundation from the centre of your face to the outer edges, including your hairline and jaw.

To apply powder foundation, it’s best to use a thick makeup brush. Swirl in the powder and then use circular motions to apply to your face. End by using a clean finishing brush to dust off any excess powder.

Choosing the best foundation for your skin

The best foundation for you will depend on the colour and type of skin you have.

Best foundation for oily skin

Use oil-free, long-wearing foundation, completed with a light dusting of powder.

Best foundation for dry skin

For dry skin, opt for a water-based foundation. This type of foundation is moisturising and leaves your skin with a dewy finish.

Best full coverage foundation

Full coverage foundation makes your complexion look smooth and even. Light-diffusing particles ensure a fresh-faced, dewy look.

Apply a thin layer at a time, and add layers as needed for full coverage. End with a dusting of powder, to seal the foundation and keep it in place.

Best foundation for Indian skin

Use a foundation with a slightly yellowish cast or undertone. A yellow-based foundation blends into Indian skin and makes it look fresh and healthy.

Best foundation for dark skin

If you have dark skin, always use at least two shades of foundation. Choose one close to your skin tone and another in a slightly lighter tone. Use the lighter colour in the centre of your face and the darker shade around the perimeter.

Best foundation for older skin

If you have dry or mature skin, choose liquid or cream foundations. Use face oil under the foundation for a natural glow. Be careful not to apply too much, to avoid caking. The golden rule: less is more.

For all ages, it’s a good idea to opt for a foundation that includes sun protection. This can help slow down aging of the skin due to UV exposure.

Best foundation for acne skin

Powder foundation is safest for an oily, sensitive or acne-prone skin. For severe acne, it’s best to consult a dermatologist for advice – not just about treating the acne but also about the best makeup products for your skin.

Best natural-looking foundation

Use a liquid foundation, which creates a more natural look, and apply with a damp sponge to minimise caking. Start by applying a thin layer. Apply a second layer only if necessary.

Foundation tones to match skin tones

If your skin leans towards pink, red or blue colouring, it has “cool” undertones. Skin with peachy, yellow or olive colouring has “warm” undertones.

For cool undertones, choose a foundation with a rose, red or blue base and shades such as cocoa, rose, sable or porcelain.

For warm undertones, choose a foundation with a gold or yellow base and shades such as caramel, golden, tan, chestnut or beige.

The foundation palette in South Africa ranges from very light to very dark brown, to suit all skin tones.

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