How to apply blusher: foolproof tips for any skin tone and face shape

Nothing gives a healthy glow like a sweep of blusher. Shop our range of stunning colours for a look that turns heads. It is an important part of any makeup routine.

It adds a healthy glow to your complexion. And provided you know how to apply blush properly, it adds the perfect finishing touch to your look.

Here are three tips to set you up for success, every time.

Choose the correct colour

A blusher palette will give you a range of options that work for every mood and skin tone.

Alternatively, choose the best budget option based on your complexion.

Keep these tips in mind:

      • pale skin? Choose light pinks to add a lively glow
      • medium complexions work beautifully with peachy hues
      • darker skin tones look radiant with warmer colours.

Prep before you apply

Makeup struggles to stick properly on dry or excessively oily skin. So wash and moisturise your face before applying blusher.

A makeup primer helps blusher stick to your skin and stay on for longer.

However, even just foundation or your daily moisturiser will help. They help blusher adhere evenly to your skin and look natural.

Get the right look

Blusher is versatile – it’s just a matter of finding what works for you. Try these techniques to apply yours like a makeup artist.

For a pretty, classic look

Apply blusher over the apple of your cheeks moving up along your cheekbone.

For a bold night-time look

Apply liberally for dramatic flair and a look that’s sure to turn heads.

For a natural, anytime look

Apply a little on the apples of your cheeks and fade towards your temple, nose and cheekbones.

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