Stunning Lipstick Shades

Add gorgeous colour, volume and definition to your lips with the best brands of lipstick. From matte to gloss, from long-lasting to hydrating lip plumper and from individual lipsticks to full lip colour palettes – you’ll find them here.

How to choose the best lipstick for your skin tone

First, decide where you fit in on the skin tone spectrum – fair, medium, tan or dark.

Pink shades look great with fair and medium skin tones. These shades include dusty and bright pinks and lilacs. Also try corals, nudes and peach shades.

Those with a medium skin will glow in rose and cherry reds.

If you’re more tan, perfect your pout with coral and bright red. It’s best to stay away from brown. Orange might bring out too much orange in your complexion.

The best colours for dark skin include plum and caramel, and reds with a blue undertone. Oranges can work well, too.

The best basic lipstick colours

Your skin colour will determine which colour suit you best. However, there are a few basic lip colours that tend to look good on almost everyone.

When adding the basic necessities to your makeup kit, make sure you invest in a nude and a solid red lipstick.

With red, you can brighten your day, and with nude, you can round off an everyday look.

Matte vs. glossy

Glossy tends to have a hydrating, plumping effect.

A lot of women prefer smooth, glossy lips to a matte finish – but don’t overlook matte either. Matte colours can be especially dramatic – and they tend to be long-lasting.

Long-wearing lipstick doesn’t come off or smudge easily, even with eating, drinking or kissing – and you don’t have to reapply it nearly as often.

Matte lipstick is available in all your favourite bright colours, simply without the shine.

How to apply lipstick

Even the best lipstick won’t look great if it’s not applied the right way.

First prepare your lips by applying a lip balm and removing any dead skin or flakes. Next, line your lips with a nude liner, or one that matches the colour of your lipstick.

It’s easiest to apply lip colour with a lip brush, starting in the middle of the upper lip where it arches, and working your way outwards. Repeat the same process on both sides, and then on the lower lip.

How to make big lips look bigger with lipstick

Apply a concealer to your lip line. Next, use a liner that’s the same colour as your lipstick to trace a line just outside your natural lips. Don’t overdo this – achieve a good result by just slightly extending your lip line, following the natural shape of your lips.

Follow by applying lipstick on the darker side of the range that suits your complexion, filling in the line and providing perfect coverage.

Glossy and plumping lipsticks are perfect for making your lips appear larger and more voluptuous.

How to make big lips look smaller with lipstick

Apply a concealer to your lip line as base. Next, line your lips with a nude liner, slightly darker than your concealer.

Try to line a millimetre or two inwards from your natural line. Work with a combination of matte lipstick, opting for the darker shade outwards and blending inwards with the lighter shade.

To make lips look smaller, avoid glossy lip products.

How to keep lipstick from coming off

Remember to blot! Your lipstick will set properly and be absorbed by your skin only if there’s no excess colour. You can also set your lips with a light dusting of powder.

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