Face Toners, Serums & Treatments


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Showing 1–28 of 99 results

Face Toners, Serums & Treatments For A Perfect Add-On To A Cleansing Routine

Whether you want to tackle dark spots and wrinkles or simply get a radiant glow, these products are for you.

Take your skincare regime to the next level with face toners and serums

You often hear how great toner and serum can be for your face, but do you really know what these magic products do? If you’re not sure which toner or serum to buy, let alone what to use it for, read on.

What does toner do to your face?

Toner is a skin treatment for the face, and the best toners can perform several functions:

    • provides moisture

    • prepares your skin for make-up application

    • balances the skin’s pH level

    • soothes irritations and calms redness

    • has a cooling effect on the skin

When should you use a toner for your face?

This will depend on the manufacturer, but it’s usually after cleansing and before applying your moisturiser. Most toners can be used once or twice a day.

How to use face toner

Again, this will depend on the product. Some toners can be spritzed on, and others should be applied with cotton wool.

Apply the toner all over your face and neck, avoiding the eyes and lips. Give your skin a few seconds to absorb it before applying a moisturiser or face cream.

What is face serum?

The best face serum will deliver powerful ingredients in a concentrated quantity, straight to your skin. They’re often made for specific skincare concerns such as pigmentation and aging.

How to apply serum on your face

Application will depend on the product, but it’s usually after cleaning and toning your face, and before moisturizing.

Some serums should be applied and left overnight to give the active ingredients time to work.

Face serum benefits

Face serums are concentrated and potent, and have the following benefits:

    • they can be used for intense hydration

    • some serums are a face veins natural treatment

    • serums with hyaluronic acid can act as face lift facial treatments

    • with similar benefits to chemical peels, serums can be an effective sagging face skin treatment

    • serum that contains glycolic acid is the best treatment for pigmentation on the face

    • serums are a great oily face treatment

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