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Showing all 15 results

Bag It Up!

Makeup and associated tools can take up a surprising amount of space and easily get disorganised or damaged. Make-up bags & cases will help you keep everything in order, for easy access whether you’re at home or out and about.

Cosmetic bags and makeup bags

A cosmetic bag or makeup bag is usually made from a soft material, not unlike a toiletry bag. They often have a simple design with only one or two main pockets and are ideal for small amounts of makeup or storing your makeup while travelling.

The roll-up or fold over makeup bag style has extra pouches for brushes and other makeup tools or applicators. For professional makeup artists, you can also get a hanging cosmetic bag or a makeup apron.

Makeup boxes and makeup cases

Makeup boxes and makeup cases have a hard outer shell and come in a large range of sizes. Some of the bigger ones even have wheels to make them easier to move around.

They are often made from aluminium which makes them lightweight but durable. Fold-out compartments for easy access are also the norm and make cases or boxes the ideal choice for beauty therapists as well as makeup artists.

Professional makeup travel cases

Makeup travel cases are quite large and usually have multiple sections that all clip together for transport.

They almost always have wheels and a handle to they can be trolleyed along. This makes them ideal for makeup artists that need to visit their clients at their homes or for use as a wedding makeup bag.

These cases are also usually made from aluminium, which saves on weight and makes them last longer, even with extensive use and travel.

Clear cosmetic bags

The transparent makeup bag is quite a popular choice for a small makeup bag or travel makeup bag because it makes it easier to find things, especially smaller brushes or compacts.

A clear makeup bag also lets you see what you have at a glance, so no more forgetting about that new shade of lipstick you bought months ago.

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