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Showing 1–28 of 54 results

Professional Hair Accessory Bags & Cases

Hair accessory bags and cases are your bag of tricks when you would like to access anything you need in a hurry (think Mary Poppins).

If you are travelling – you should carry all those essential items you are likely to need; and while many components inside a vanity case will differ from one person to the next as each person has a different lifestyle, the basic ingredients are surprisingly similar.

Hair accessory bags and cases are not a want but a need, as any woman will tell you. These are the perfect accessory for travel, the gym, whether you work in an office or an executive on the move. It makes little difference what type of lifestyle you lead; there is a vanity bag and case to suit every lifestyle.

University students and scholars are notorious for always carrying heavy loads – get accessory cases equipped with wheels to ensure you don’t strain your back with those unpleasant and unhealthy heavy loads.

Suffice to say, hair accessory bags and cases are the perfect accessory that every single woman needs; a special place to keep a stash of make-up, gym clothes, a change of clothing, reading material, jewellery, cosmetics, hair accessories and anything else that enables the lives of women to run smoothly.

Our range of Beauty Pro bags and cases are not only for the pros – they are for everyone and cater perfectly for all applications.