Hair Loss Treatments


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Showing all 23 results

Professional Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss is no laughing matter. Hair loss treatments have been specifically created to assist with the many possible causes of hair loss, bringing solutions to those that are concerned about this condition.

When your body is stressed, either through diet or lifestyle changes, the blood vessels have a tendency to constrict, decreasing blood flow to the scalp. Therefore, with diminished nourishment, hair might temporarily stop growing or fall out.

You can now choose from our excellent, comprehensive range of products that have been created to assist in managing your hair loss.

Choose from our wide range and experiment with products such as the Bosley Healthy Hair Follicle Energizer, which is a healing treatment of synergistic hair care that will encourage healthier hair growth by energising the scalp whilst stimulating hair follicle activity, resulting in a healthier head of strengthened hair.

Other products include Hannon Follicle Booster Spray Anti-Hair-loss Treatment or take a course of Hannon Anti-Hair Loss Capsules which is an outstanding daily supplement that will promote hair growth plus it will combat hair loss.

Our wide range of hair loss treatments have been specifically created to tackle the numerous challenges regarding hair loss by bolstering growth, stimulating the follicles and scalp, resulting in lustrous, thick hair that you can be proud of.

It is important to catch any kind of hair loss sooner rather than later. The earlier you start a treatment protocol, the better your chances are of restoring any lost hair. Browse our selection to see if any fit your situation.