Hair Wax Cartridges


Salon Quality Hair Removal Wax Cartridges

The advantages of using wax cartridges are numerous and far outweigh the disadvantages.

The reason why salons opt for this method of hair removal are many. Not only is hair removal quick and less messy – they are ideal for waxing large areas such as backs and arms.

The hot wax is applied through the use of a roller which is attached to the cartridge, therefore saving valuable time instead of using the more laborious method with wax and a dipping spatula.

Using cartridgeswill be a lot cleaner, too, as there is no more spilling of wax on floors, salon beds and areas on your skin that you don’t intent waxing in the first instance.

Wax cartridges are not only more user-friendly – they are a lot more economical, too. With a thin, consistent application of the wax, this will result in less wax being used for each and every treatment.

They are convenient and user-friendly – there is no more transportation of hot wax for mobile therapists – cartridge waxing is neat and fuss-free, clean, economical and practical.

Our heater and wax cartridges have made waxing for individuals and therapists alike a pleasant and simple process, ensuring that salons and other waxing areas are kept sterile and hygienic.