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Showing 1–28 of 35 results

Find Fashionable Headbands & Wraps

TV series Gossip Girl brought headbands & wraps right back into the fashion spotlight and everywhere you look, teenagers have started wearing these in America, Europe, the UK and here in South Africa.

Even the stars can be seen wearing headbands on the red carpet – check out the do’s of Charlize Theron and Michelle Williams – they have all been sporting headbands on the red carpet in many different and exciting ways.

Get a little inspiration and choose one or two from our exciting range to take your hair style to new heights.

Headbands are unquestionably the perfect accessory to wear if you are dressing up or dressing down; our pretty range of headbands will ensure your style is effortless, incidental and at times even a little undone. Hair tells a tale of perfect ease, yet will afford you a look of glamour and femininity.

French Twists and low chignons tend to be a little old-fashioned. A headband is the perfect solution to add a little bit of interest and an element of fun to an otherwise stuffy style.

Headbands with embellishments will always draw attention; remember to add a couple of hair clips at the base of your neck to ensure the headband is kept in place.

Short hair can easily look great with the addition of a hairband – select one that is slim and that lies flat against your head and avoid chunky details that tend to be a little overpowering.