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Showing all 4 results

Salon Grade Base Coat

Did you know that for very little cash outlay you can transform your look just with nail polish? Whether you love shocking shades or quirky designs, even tips-with attitude – these all don’t require major commitment or any huge cash outlay. You’ll need a base coat for this.

Without professional nail base coats you simply cannot achieve that sassy finish, though.

Rule number one – keeping nails short will avoid a poor outcome. In all probability, the last time you painted your nails a vibrant neon, your tool of choice was most likely a Koki Pen. The adult version includes a range of high-voltage colours with a matt or gloss finish, although matt makes colours a lot more user-friendly and a lot more wearable.

Now you can nail it with these few easy tips:

Start your manicure off by giving a smooth under layer with our range, as these will fill in any ridges, resulting in a professional look.

If you are using neon or any other bright colours, remember that nothing draws attention to nails more than bright colours – that is why it is so important to paint over a smooth base.

For fun, paint your nails with an opaque polish in a bright top coat – and even if your colours are glossy your top coat can easily be made matt with a “mattifying” top coat.