Waxing Equipment


Salon Quality Waxing Accessories

Make the process of smoothing away unwanted hair easy by incorporating the use of products and wax accessories specially formulated to ensure the process is painless, easy and fuss-free.

Although there is no fool proof method to getting rid of unwanted hair, as it is a largely trial-and-error process, plucking is not the way to go, as this stimulates the blood flow to the area and can instead boost hair growth.

Each case and each individual needs to be personally assessed as to what works, as every woman’s hair removal need will be different.

Laser hair removal is a viable option for many – including those with darker skins, but we need to understand this is not permanent.

Your skin is rich in follicles and laser hair removal works by zapping and destroying single hair bulbs – and even though one is destroyed, the next hair will pop up next door.

Fine hairs respond better to waxing and bleaching as laser removal won’t necessarily work on very light hairs.

Salon Specifics Post-Wax Rose Oil, which not only smells lovely, is perfect for soothing tender skin after wax treatments, and is brilliant for removing any residue left after a wax treatment – ideal for all skin types.

Wax accessories will make the entire waxing process simple, painless and will prevent to a large extent any unpleasant ingrown hairs.