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Showing all 16 results

Massage Oils & Creams To Soothe Away Daily Stress

If you’re wondering where to buy spa-quality massage oil in South Africa, you’re in the right place. We stock the best massage oils from international and local producers.

Choosing the right body massage oil

If massage is new to you, welcome to the wonderful world of body massage oils, essential oils and creams.

So many great products are available on the market that you may find it hard to choose. The best approach is to decide what you want to achieve first, and then buy what you need.

Essential oils for massage

Certain scents can create a general sense of wellbeing. For aromatherapy, there are hundreds of scented oils used for different effects. Some of the best essential oils for massage include:

    • Lemongrass: Can relieve stress, and invigorate the senses.
    • Sandalwood: This is one of the most ancient types of oils used for its calming effects.
    • Bergamot: Softens the skin if blended with another oil. You’ll feel revitalized and refreshed after smelling this scent.
    • Eucalyptus: Can relieve nasal congestion to improve breathing, making you feel more present and relaxed.
    • Ylang Ylang: This old favourite essential oil is said to boost energy levels and uplift the mood.

You need only a few drops of essential oils, and these should be combined or diluted with a massage base oil.

Stress-relief massage oil

Certain scents can help relieve stress even further. A CBD candle or a drop of lavender oil in the burner will create a relaxing atmosphere before the massage even starts.

Start experimenting with your own essential oil recipes, and add a drop or two of any calming scent to your favourite massage gel for added stress-relief benefits.

Sports massage oil

Regular exercise combined with a busy lifestyle can start to take a toll on your body.

If you need a massage oil recipe for sore muscles, try to tenderise those aching calves, quads and glutes with a combination of peppermint, chamomile and sage essential oils. Argan oil will also soothe tight, aching muscles in need of some TLC.

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