Spa Redi 4 Step Detox in a Bag Luxurious Pedicure


Skin is the first line of defense against the outside world. Exposure to pollutants, debris and impurities over time makes skin look tired, unhealthy and dull, especially for skin on the feet. This skin takes a battering, and in no time begins to struggle maintaining a healthy balance, resulting in easy breakage, tightness, redness and inflammation. This comprehensive detox system includes everything you need in one pack to detoxify foot skin. Use of every step in the program results in radiant, healthy, vibrant skin.

Use this carefully-curated 4 step pedicure experience kit to detox the skin, a complete removal of impurities and other damaging buildup. All products are cruelty-free and free of alcohol and sulfates. As an added bonus, pedicure tools are included so everything you need is in one pack. Each pack contains just the right amount you need for a treatment. Having pre-packed products for each step ensures no cross contamination, fresh products for every service, and less wastage as a result of perfectly portioned amounts.

Each kit contains:

  • 1 x Dead Sea salt (20g): To be dissolved in water. Soak the feet for a few minutes to experience the detoxifying benefits as surface impurities are removed from the skin.
  • 1 x Sugar scrub (20g): Exfoliates hard skin areas to soften feet and prevent areas of dryness and cracking. Rub on skin with a wet loofah, scrubbing brush or foot file until skin feels soft and smooth.
  • 1 x Cream mask (20g): Rejuvenates the skin when left on the feet for a few minutes. Active ingredients penetrate the skin to correct tired, dull areas for a renewed complexion.
  • 1 x Massage lotion (20g): Moisturizes the skin with gentle ingredients. Completes the pedicure experience and leaves feet looking and feeling renewed, soft and supple. Anti-bacterial properties prevent buildup of bacteria on the feet.
  • 5 x Disposable pedicure tools: Includes toe separators, zebra nail file 80/100, pumice sponge, buffing pad 80/100 and cuticle stick.