Nail Buffers


Everything you need to know about using a nail buffer

Achieve shiny, beautiful nails with our selection of professional nail buffers.

Everyone wants shiny, healthy-looking nails. A good nail buffer is an easy way to get them.

An essential tool for creating natural shine, nail buffers polish the surface of the nail with fine grit. This makes nails look shinier and more consistent.

The benefits of buffing your nails

Buffing your nails…

      • makes nails appear smooth and shiny
      • smooths out surface nail ridges
      • provides a perfect, smooth surface for nail polish
      • gets rid of dry, dead surface nail cells.

Types of nail buffers

Several types of buffers are available. Of these, two are most commonly used in homes and salons.

Buffer blocks

A buffer block is a four-way nail buffer that can either be rectangular or concave. Each side is a different grit intended for different use: shaping, removing ridges, smoothing and adding shine.

Emery boards

An emery board is a basic nail file design that consists of anywhere from two to five grits and a polisher. The tool is dual-sided and can be used for basic shaping, filing and buffing without being too abrasive.

Tips for buffing your nails

It’s easy to get carried away. Buffing too furiously or using the wrong technique can be bad for your nails.

Some tips on how to buff your nails safely and effectively:

      • always push your cuticles down before buffing
      • buff the nail surface using a super-fine grit
      • use gentle strokes; never a sawing motion.

When to avoid buffing your nails

Buffing isn’t good for everyone and, under certain circumstances, should be avoided.

It’s best to remember these general rules:

      • wet nails are prone to damage, so only buff dry nails
      • avoid buffing brittle or “bendy” nails
      • don’t buff nails that are chipped and damaged.

How often should you buff your nails?

Too much buffing can damage your nails.

Ideally, you should buff nails roughly once a month. If your nails are smooth, you can go even longer between buffing.

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