Hair Colour Treatments & Masks


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Showing 1–28 of 49 results

Salon Quality Hair Colour Treatments & Masks

Instead of the kiss of death – give your hair the kiss of life between colour treatments with our range of hair colour treatments & masks.

These treatments are brilliant and have been created for every type of hair. Each product is infused with essential oils and different intensifying colour actives that will bring back the bounce and shine to hair that is tired, dull and flat.

If you colour your own hair or have your hair coloured at a salon on a regular basis, you will find that the colour used is not as damaging for your lovely locks as it once was. With the new technologies and advances in both home and salon kits – there is a way around keeping quality colour and hair at its very best until your next visit.

You need to be in a position to prevent dryness and weakness at the roots, so new growth is shiny and strong, which is best achieved simply by applying one of our hair colour treatments & masks between salon visits.