Unsure which brush is for you?

How you brush your hair is the key to strong and healthy hair and the single most overlooked step in hair care. Hair is weakest when wet and pulling at it can snap it like a rubber band. This is why you should brush with a tool that gently loosens knots without pulling or breaking hair. WetBrush is the answer.

WetBrush’s detangler brush range changed the hair brush game and transformed what used to be a painful and time-consuming task into an effortless, fun and colourful part of your day. WetBrush offers famous detangling bristles in lots of shapes and sizes – for travel, the shower, kids, styling and more. We can’t wait for you to experience your ‘a-ha’ moment. Happy Brushing.


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Showing 1–28 of 186 results

WetBrush is the most famous detangling brush in the world with patented technology

WetBrush was the first detangler. And first makes a difference. First means they are a bit more savvy. This has allowed for unmatched innovation, creativity and style. When it comes to detangling, WetBrush is leading the way.

Originally beginning with a detangling brush, their brushes soared to international fame and have expanded their range to a selection of brushes used and loved by professionals, celebrities and the general public worldwide. WetBrush have pioneered the trend of creating fun and exciting brush colours and prints, rapidly expanding their selection to include some of the most exclusive and beautiful designs ever seen on a brush. Each range carries its own unique personality with unrivaled detangling potential.

In addition, choosing the right brush for your hair type has never been easier. Specific ranges have been developed to care for each hair type, including fine/thin, thick, and curly. With a variety of configurations available, there is something for every time and everyone in the WetBrush arsenal.

Since 2005 over 100 million brushes have been sold worldwide and have partnered with some of the most famous celebrity stylists and their clients to continue pushing the boundaries of style and design, all while maintaining their superior detangling technology. After humble beginnings with the original detangler, they have expanded to offer brushes for drying, styling and general care. With a massive social media presence and following, A brand trusted by stylists and loved by millions.