Compagnia Del Colore (CDC)


Compagnia Del Colore (CDC) has been a staple of the South African hair industry for many years because of its paramount quality. A significant percentage of South African salons use CDC products everyday because hairdressers and stylists trust its performance and quality to deliver the highest quality results and finishes every time it is used. Now you can be a part of this brand too. Specially formulated in Italy, you will instantly know its quality when you first lay eyes on it.


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Showing all 22 results

Italian colour, treatment and styling specialists with countrywide popularity

Compagnia Del Colore also known as CDC is a hair care company that finds its definition in popular culture and satisfying the needs of the new generation with products that have been tested, certified and accepted which are known for their reliability. This includes products that help the individual express themselves but still experience the essence of safety and security in a product with predictably great results, reliable formulas and which they can trust will be clean, pure and effective. CDC offers you a fun, friendly and simply-packaged, dynamic line of products to breathe life into your hair care routine. CDC is greatly influenced by music, art, literature, radio, television, film and dance to focus on products that synchronise with popular culture movements, yet keep giving you the best results for your hair.