CDC Split Ends Essential Solution

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Build your own customized split ends correction regimen with the power of CDC from Italy. Ultimate smoothing and hair taming products to lessen the appearance of split ends to mend the dry and damaged hair cuticles. Straightens hair strands to lessen look and feel of split ends and to prevent them from forming again in the future. Save 10% with this 3 piece bundle.

Core Solution includes:

  • CDC Daily Care Anti-Frizz Shampoo, 1 Litre

Hydrolyzed Wheat and Rice Proteins condition, discipline and nourish to help tame frizz. Organic Red Vine, Aloe Extract, Erythritol and Panthenol keep hair incredibly soft, silky and velvety. Hydrates deep down, seals cuticles, prevents split ends and protects against the environment.

A daily care shampoo to limit frizz and fly-aways. Use continuously to improve hair flexibility and manageability. Ideal for all hair types experiencing frizz. Improves hair texture and keeps hair healthy without split ends.

  • CDC Daily Care Nourish Conditioner, 1 Litre

Formulated with Cocoa Extract and precious oils like Linseed, Jojoba, Macadamia, Olive and Argan, renowned for nourishing and brightening properties. Provides extra softness and shine. Enhances natural undertones, adding radiance, silkiness and manageability to limit the formation of split ends.

Nourishing formula replaces any lost oils and corrects any moisture imbalance caused by lifestyle activities or from the use of shampoos. Seals the cuticles and creates a protective coating around hair cuticle for maximum environmental protection, protecting the integrity, manageability and feeling of the hair.

  • CDC Daily Care Curl Control Pomegranate Cream, 125ml

Nourishes, defines and gives new vitality to the most rebellious curls for softness and body. Organic Pomegranate, Bamboo, Flaxseed, Aloe Extracts, Hydrolyzed Wheat, Almond Proteins and Vegetable Oils strengthen and condition. Creates protective film over hair shaft to detangle, define and enhance curls for shine and elasticity.

Use to create long-lasting curls that are full of volume and bounce. Provides environmental protection from UV rays to protect the structure and integrity of the curls while also imparting a luxurious, fruity fragrance. Packed with vitamin C to sooth the hair, mitigate damage, reduce inflammation and prevent split ends from forming and mend existing ones.

These products are included in the price

Optional add-on products

BOOSTER RANGE (Enhance your core solution)
FINISHER RANGE (Complete the journey to great hair)


Hair needs daily care and attention to be strong and healthy. To meet the daily needs of each hair type, CDC has launched the Daily Care range, the beauty routine for perfect hair everyday, throughout the day. The line is composed of several smart formulas designed to protect the scalp and hair. It also takes care of the fragile balance between the hair and scalp daily without altering it, delivering shine from roots to ends and keeping hair healthy. The gentle formulas were created to provide daily pampering for all hair types, restoring its natural hydration and softness thanks to a concentrate of active ingredients and nourishing properties of organic extracts.




Pure Hair Care Luxury

Compagnia Del Colore quickly established itself as one of the most popular and trusted hair colour brands in the country. The amazing translucent and pearlescent colour shades have dazzled salons for many years. Expanding on their colour, CDC produce a wide range of haircare products for uncompromised beauty.




Fiercely Italian

Authentic Italian production and quality. A range of original, efficient and straightforward products created for young and dynamic people that want to enjoy beauty by having fun. CDC is an answer for those who want to spread the fun and joy of beauty, wellness and Italian style at the highest level.






A dynamic and carefree approach to hair care. Compagnia del Colore is an Italian brand that combines proven experience with the search for constant innovation in cosmetics and style, opening a world of new opportunities thanks to comprehensive studies in formulation and with a production based on exclusive patents that seek maximum results. Results are achieved in full respect of the hair, the skin and the environment.




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