Curly & Wavy Hair Extensions


Get That Extra Special Style With Curly & Wavy Clip-On Hair Pieces

Emma Synthetic 3 Piece Curly & Wavy Snake Strands and the Emma Synthetic Hair Extension Wavy in a multitude of colours are only two of the current summer trends seen sporting the heads of stylish individuals.

Curly clip-on hair strands are all the rage, but did you know that there is an art to taking care of clip-on extensions?

When applying hair products best suited to these extensions, you always need to apply and comb these through carefully using your fingers or the right hair tools such as combs and brushes specifically designed to use with extensions.

Although it is recommended that you have your pieces or extensions washed at a professional hair salon, it is possible to wash your hair at home so long as you take care not to damage or pull the hair.

Remember to check the instructions and the packaging of your Curly and wavy clip-on hair strands to find out if it will tolerate water and high temperature styling – by high temperature we refer to styling with flat-irons and hair dryers.