Decorative Hair Extensions


Glamorous Decorative Hair Extensions

Decorative hair extensions are just that – decorative! It is high time to spoil your inner child by adding decorative extensions to any look your heart desires.

Great hair is always important – add an element of pleasure by being decorative for your office party, work function, birthday bash, Christmas celebration or New Year’s Eve get-together.

5-in-1 Feather Hair Extensions are all-natural and hand-crafted; without doubt the latest rage in hair accessories. Easy application and removal is achieved through the addition of micro-ring bonding.

Best of all, because the feathers are mostly comprised of keratin (the substance that natural hair and nails are made of) they can be treated the same as natural hair.

A comprehensive palate of colours and staggered lengths guarantees that element of surprise and originality.

Choose from a wide range of interesting pieces, including 6 Feather Hair Extensions, Emma Straight Chameleon Clip-Ons, the Emma Synthetic Chameleon Fringe and the Leather Clip-In Hair Extensions on a Clip – the world’s your oyster when it comes to choosing Decorative Hair Extensions.