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Showing 1–28 of 90 results

The Latest & Greatest Hair Colouring Trend

What is colour depositing?

Colour depositing is trendiest hair colour and has taken the world by storm. These are formulas with vibrant pigment that come in a shampoo or conditioner form and deposit colour to pre-lightened blonde hair. Now you can cleanse or condition the hair while colour is applied. Not only is the hair revealed to have vibrant colour but the hair’s condition is vastly improved – a win-win solution for hair and colour care.

When should I use colour depositing?

Colour depositing is the perfect solution between colour services to maintain and refresh the colour. As soon as you have left the salon after your colouring treatment, the colour will begin to fade or wash out as underlying tones begin to show beneath the coloue and when the hair is exposed to harmful environmental aggressors such as UV rays from the sun. A few weeks after colouring, you are counting the days till your next service. Colour depositing is the solution for this. When it is applied to faded colour, it refreshed and revives the colour with a new and brighter finish and effectively extends the life of the colour.

Using colour depositing products is also great for trying out new tones. You can mix and match colours or change your hair colour completely if the colour is applied to pre-lightened hair. Once you have reached your desired colour, take a break from depositing colour and you can maintain that tone until your next colour service.