Celeb Luxury BondFix Strengthening Conditioner, 177.4ml


Rehydrate and strengthen bleached, lightened, highlighted, fragile or dry hair. Strengthens and rebuilds bonds deep within the cortex of the hair fiber. Specially formulated deep conditioning, fast-absorbing, non-coating, extreme detangling conditioner to reduce breakage from the inside out, especially after the use of chemicals.

Protects against dry hair and prevents damage by significantly reducing porosity in processed hair. This greatly improves hair texture, feel and look, leaving the hair 3x stronger for up to 5 washes. Continued use at home leaves hair stronger and stronger as it is used. Leaving it in the hair for at least 2 minutes yields noticeable results. Ideally used after any colour service as its colour-safe technology protects the colour but improves hair condition.

Formula rebuilds strengthening bonds differently using a highly re-hydrating conditioning blend. Smaller molecules of the bond-building material penetrate deep into the inner cortex of the hair fiber to strengthen and rebuild bonds. Re-hydrating materials (larger molecules) work separately to condition, moisturize, detangle and soften, leaving hair shiny and smooth. 100% vegan, sulfate-free, paraben-free, gluten-free and cruelty-free.

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BondFix Complex is an advanced technology that uses the safest, most up to date combination of ingredients to strengthen and rehydrate bleached, lightened, highlighted, all colored, fragile or dry hair from the inside out, making hair 3x stronger and healthier with continued use at home.

BondFix Complex rebuilds strengthening bonds differently, with a highly rehydrating conditioning formula. The smaller molecules of the bond-building material penetrate deep into the inner cortex of the hair fiber to strengthen and rebuild bonds. The rehydrating materials (larger molecules), work separately to condition and moisturize, detangle, soften, and leave hair shiny and smooth.

Yes, absolutely. BondFix technology is designed to repair hair and absorbs where the hair needs it most, so it will never coat or weigh hair down. Use as frequently as needed.

BondFix and all Celeb Luxury products are professional grade products used by professional salons and stylists.

It is safe for all hair types and works well on dry, damaged or chemically processed hair. It is especially great for color-treated hair as it counteracts the damaging effects of bleaching and hair color.

Yes, Gem Lites Shinewash or Viral Moisturewash shampoo make a great pair with BondFix Strengthening Conditioner for stronger and healthy hair. For color-treated hair, it is recommended to use as a maintenance regimen alternating with Viral or Gem Lites Colorwash or Colorditioner.

No. BondFix is a strengthening conditioner to help counteract the damaging effects of bleached or color-treated hair. It does not lengthen hair.



BondFix Strengthening Conditioner



3x Stronger healthier hair.

Bleached, fragile, or dry hair.

100% vegan. No animal testing. Cruelty-free.



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Our specialty is haircolor cleansing and conditioning.
Our vision is for you to love your haircolor.
We make color fade a thing of the past.
For luxurious and healthy hair.



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Stop Fade. Extend haircolor happiness. Our products are 100% Vegan, Gluten-Free. Sulfate-Free. PPD-Free. Ammonia-Free. Peroxide-Free. Cruelty-Free. No Animal Testing. Health and safety are important to us. We only use direct dyes that are safe and FDA/EU compliant.


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Voted #1 Hair Product worldwide at Cosmoprof Bologna 2018, the global industry’s most prestigious award for mass and professional products.


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