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Showing all 5 results

Markers Of Perfection

The right eyebrow pencil, brow powder or eyebrow marker is an essential tool for framing your eyes and adding definition to your features.

The best eyebrow pencils for your kit

Highlight your features by defining your eyebrows with liner, pencil or brow powder.

Adding definition to eyebrows can really make your eyes stand out.

Filling in sparse or “gappy” eyebrows can also make you look younger.

How to fill in your eyebrows

To create perfectly shaped eyebrows, follow these steps:

    1. prep your eyebrows by shaping and brushing them
    2. decide on the shape you want, and draw or line it over your natural brow with a thin liner; if you’re not sure how to use an eyebrow pencil free-hand, you can use a stencil to make things easier
    3. fill in the outline with brow powder or a brow pencil
    4. clean mistakes with an earbud and a light oil or oil-free makeup remover
    5. set with a makeup finishing spray

The best product for filling in your eyebrows: powder or pencil?

Eyebrow powders are ideal for filling in sparse or uneven eyebrows, for a natural, younger look.

Brow powder kits also allow brow highlighting. Using a mix of light and darker shades, you can change your brow shape – for example, so your forehead looks shorter or your eyes appear bigger.

An eyebrow pencil gives good control, for either a bold or lighter, more subtle effect. It also allows brow outlining.

Gel- and cream-based pencils are the best eyebrow pencils for beginners. They glide on easily, and the angled tips allow for easy shaping.

Which eyebrow pencil colour should I use?

Choosing the best eyebrow pencil or marker colour isn’t always as simple as just matching your hair colour.

Blondes often have naturally dark brows. Redheads can have fabulous brows filled and lined with dark brown eye pencil, too.

Consider your skin tone, and as a rule of thumb, choose a colour that is just slightly lighter than your natural brow colour. Even if you have black hair, a very dark shade can look overly dramatic or fake.

The trick is to enhance what you have, rather than creating a whole new shape and shade.

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