Men's Shaving Gels & Soap


Whipped into a Lather with Men’s Shaving Soap

When choosing men’s shaving gel and soap, ensure that the soap has a high-fat content. Creamy and foamy – that is what you want. The good quality stuff is triple-milled which means that a tremendously creamy foam is enjoyed, leaving the skin really smooth.
It is no secret that London’s barber shops, chemists and perfumers have been offering triple-milled shaving soaps for centuries, and German soap manufacturers go one step further by using five-rolling processes.
Choose the steps below to whip your shaving soap into the perfect lather:

First things first – wet your shaving brush under hot running water and leave the brush in the water for a while – about a minute.

Real hair brushes are the best for producing a good lather, and retain water not unlike a sponge.

Once the brush has absorbed the water, ensure the water is transferred directly to the face to soften the hairs and open the pores.

Lather the soap in circular movements directly in the container.

The bubbles are large at first, but as you continue to use the circular movements, the bubbles will become a lot smaller and then they will become disappear altogether.

After a while you will have a thick lather – apply this and massage the lather with the shaving brush across your facial skin in spherical movements.

This step is important because it will soften the hair and allow them to stand up for a smooth shave.

Men’s shaving gel and soap will ensure that your shave leaves the skin silky smooth for a long time.