Dry, Frizzy Curls

Dry, frizzy curls

Dry, Frizzy Curl Causes and the Best Dry, Frizzy Curl Hair Treatment Products in SA

Most of us with curly hair experience dry, frizzy curls at some time. The good news is if you use the correct hair products your luxurious, beautiful curls don’t need to be frizzy, wayward curls.

How to fix dry, frizzy curls

Unfortunately, curly hair is prone to frizz. If you suffer from frizzy curly hair you need to know how to fix it.

The best way to manage curly hair is to use products that nourish dry curly hair and protect wayward curly hair from daily aggressors that compromise the hair structure. These products tame wayward curls and control frizz to give long-lasting definition.

For in-depth information about what causes dry, frizzy curly hair, see our dry, frizzy curls FAQ below.

Dry, frizzy curls FAQ

Taming and controlling dry, frizzy curls is a quest for many of us who are blessed with curly hair. The best way to manage dry, frizzy curls is to know what causes the frizz and to find the right products and treatments to tame your hair.


It’s easier to treat dry, frizzy curls when you understand the daily aggressors that compromise your hair’s natural structure. You may already know what triggers the frizz in your curly hair.

Humidity is one of the most common triggers of frizzy hair. Just as plant roots travel towards the nearest source of water, dry hair reaches out for the nearest moisture source. This is why your dry hair turns frizzy on wet or humid days.

Among the most common causes of dry, frizzy curls are:

  • harsh shampoo
  • rain, humidity and wind
  • heat styling and UV exposure
  • chemical treatments
  • product build-up
  • genetics
  • protein overload
  • physical damage.

What makes your curls frizz depends on your hair type and the elements and stressors your hair is exposed to. If you’re wondering what causes frizzy, wayward curls or what makes curly hair frizzy, consider the causes listed above.

Work out what products, ingredients and styling methods work for your curly hair – and what your hair likes and dislikes.

Also consider whether your frizz is caused by a particular aggressor or the way you’re treating it.

It could be over-use of heated styling tools, a shampoo with sulphates that strip the natural oils from your hair or chemical processing.

The causes of dry curly hair are explained above. When hair is dry and damaged – due to one or more causes – the cuticle is raised and rough.

Add humid weather into the mix and the conditions are perfect for frizz. The outer layer absorbs the moisture from the air and the hair swells and gets frizzy.

Curly hair can be very fragile and curly hair damage can be caused by a number of culprits. The most obvious ones are rough detangling, harsh products, colour and chemical treatments, heat styling and UV/environmental exposure.

Damage to curly hair is also commonly caused by over-manipulation. A simple ponytail that’s too tight can break and damage hair. Braids that are tight, heavy and get left in for too long can cause physical damage that’s beyond repair.

Why is my curly hair so dry? Why is curly hair more dry than straight hair? If you have curly hair you’ll probably have pondered these questions.

The truth is, curly hair is more likely to be dry than straight hair. This is because the natural oils our scalps produce travel down strands of straight hair much more easily than down curly ones. It’s all about gravity.

As a result, it’s harder for these oils to nourish and moisturise curly hair, leaving curly hair prone to becoming dry and frizzy. If we use the wrong hair products – such as harsh shampoos that strip the oils further – this exacerbates the dryness that causes frizz.


The best way to fix dry, frizzy curls at home is to follow a three-step regimen.

Follow these three key steps.

  1. Gently cleanse to lock in moisture.
  2. Condition to seal and flatten cuticles and prevent frizz and fly-away strands.
  3. Protect the hair from further dryness and damage from physical and external aggressors with twice-weekly dedicated treatments.

Use products specifically designed to banish and tame frizz and boost curls, for long-lasting definition.

The most effective way to repair damaged curly hair is by using hair repair products and treating your hair carefully. That means minimising damage that’s in your control, such as physical and chemical damage.

Anyone with curls knows that having a good curly hair day is easier than it looks.

The difference between smooth, controlled curls and frizzy curl chaos is your hair-care routine. Find the right products for your hair and treat you hair gently. See the tips below.

If you want to know how to fix dry, curly hair, hydration is the answer. You can get well-hydrated and moisturised curls through the products you use to wash and style your hair.

If you want to know how to keep curly hair from frizzing or how to tame frizzy, curly hair, follow these steps.

  1. Use the right shampoo.
  2. Always use an anti-frizz conditioner.
  3. Skip cotton and use a micro-fibre towel.
  4. Thoroughly dry your hair.
  5. Apply an anti-frizz oil.

How do you keep your hair from frizzing in humidity? That’s the question everyone with curls asks.

If your hair is dry or you live in a humid place, you know that you hair will expand as it absorbs moisture from the air. The best way to protect your curls and prevent frizzy hair from humidity is to ensure that your hair is fully moisturised and completely dry before stepping out of the house.

This will reduce the odds that your hair will expand into a frizzy halo. A deep conditioner hydrates your curls and helps prevent frizz.

Yes. It’s a natural oil that’s great for curly hair. Some oils simply sit on the hair’s surface but coconut oil penetrates the shaft to add moisture, heal protein loss and strengthen the hair.

These tips will help you tame and control your hair for long-lasting curly locks:

  • introduce a three-step hair regimen
  • wash less frequently
  • get regular trims to avoid split ends
  • use oils and serums for hydration and definition
  • use a diffuser when drying hair
  • use an anti-frizz micro-fibre towel
  • boost curls with tongs or a curling iron.


The best products for dry, frizzy curls contain hydrating ingredients like keratin or wheat and rice proteins, natural oils and amino that create a protective coating over the strands of hair.

Conditioners with cocoa extract and precious oils like linseed, jojoba, macadamia, olive and Argan give added protection.

Above, we recommend specific shampoos, conditioners, masks, hair oils and heat treatments that are formulated to enhance your curls and protect your hair from dry, frizzy curls. We believe they are some of the best products available in South Africa.

There are various anti-humidity products for hair we recommend that prevent your beautiful curls from turning frizzy when they’re exposed to wet or damp conditions. These products help your hair fight humidity by sealing it at the cuticles to leave a smooth texture and glossy shine.

Try a lightweight anti-humidity spray for hair that creates a residue-free shield to repel moisture and effectively humidity-proof hair. It’s easy to apply. Simply spritz dry hair.

We also recommend a leave-in conditioner to effortlessly and weightlessly blow out and smooth all hair types. Hair colour instantly pops, giving an extra boost of shine to all shades.

Pair with a hairdryer for even better results. The heat-activated polymer base repels water and improves the appearance of all colour shades. Keratin and coconut oils boosts shine and maintains silky smooth hair.

If your hair is dry, frizzy and “poofy”, you need to use products and treatments that create smooth, soft, defined curls, whether they’re tight or beachy.

One of the best ingredients for smoothing curly hair is keratin. Keratin is a protein in your hair that keeps it strong and smooth. It also acts as a barrier to lock out humidity. When hair is damaged, keratin is lost. This makes the hair porous, dry and susceptible to frizzing and poofiness.

Products and treatments containing keratin deliver a dose of the protein that can smooth frizzy, curly hair.

Products designed to smooth curly hair contain active ingredients such as keratin and natural oils.

Consider these highly recommended products:

If you’re trying to tame and control frizz, you need to use frizzy curly hair products such as the ones we recommend here.

These products and treatments are specially formulated to nourish, soothe, condition and tame your frizzy hair and protect it against the elements that cause frizz.