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Showing all 14 results

Fabulous Hair Colour Spray & Chalk

A-listers are now rocking rainbow hair – but the good news is that you can, too!

Nothing – absolutely nothing – makes a statement quite like dying your hair a funky colour to bring awareness to a cause, or to stand out in a crowd.

Choose one of our many funky hair colour sprays & chalk on offer; choose these either for supporting cancer initiatives, Halloween, fancy-dress parties or simply a pop of colour fun.

Glittery sprays are absolutely brilliant when adding a quirky element of interest for that perfect party look this coming Easter, Christmas or New Year’s Eve – or take an occasion to new heights by choosing a coloured scheme and coloured hair that will wash out the very next day.

Celebs with pink hair include:  Helen Mirren, Katy Perry, Kelly Osbourne, and Nicki Minaj (naturally), Amelia Lily, Kate Hudson amongst many others.

Even if you have dyed your hair every hue under the sun from red to blonde, black to brunette – if you have not gone rainbow yet, you simply have not lived.

If celebrities are doing it – why aren’t you? Hot colours such as navy which Nicole Richie is sporting, green like Katy Perry or going blue like Demi Lavato – it makes little difference whether you would prefer a spot of colour on your fringe, in your braid or hair colour spray & chalk over your entire head. Going rainbow is the ideal way to make a statement and stand out from the crowd.