Salon in a Bottle Root Touch Up Spray, 43g


Spray those greys away!

Salon in a Bottle is an elegant and efficient solution to cover grey re-growth between your salon visits.

  • Instantly covers grey roots and re-growth with a quick spray
  • Made with natural microfiber mineral colourants with Vitamin E, Chamomile and Green Tea extracts to leave hair feeling soft and healthy
  • No ammonia or harsh chemicals and dyes
  • Roots do not have to be prepared or treated before colour
  • Easy to use with a patented airbrush nozzle that expertly distributes light and natural colour in seconds
  • Soft feel and salon-quality colours
  • Waterproof formula, sweat-proof, swim-proof and lasts all day
  • Easily washes out
  • 40-50 applications per bottle

How to use:

Shake well before each use. Lightly spray on grey roots for instant coverage. Let dry for a few minutes and you are ready. Colour will last until your next shampoo.




50+ Applications – Soft Natural Feel – Gorgeous Shine
Waterproof – Precision Airbrush Nozzle – Superior Formula




Salon in a Bottle versus other brands:

Natural Colour

Salon in a Bottle is well known for their natural looking colours. Other brands usually have a matte finish which looks artificial and fake when applied to the hair. The quality of mineral colourants and ingredients used in Salon in a Bottle result in an exceptional product with a fabulous finish, sheen look and a soft feel.

Delivery System

Salon in a Bottle uses an advanced, patented nozzle delivery system that other brands cannot compete with. Other brands use inferior valves and actuators which results in a spray that is out of control with far too much force. Salon in a Bottle uses a special valve and an airbrush actuator for a much gentler and more precise application. They are the only brand in the market with this kind of nozzle system. Colour is much easier to control for a natural finish. This nozzle distributes much softer tones and preserves more colour so the bottle lasts longer.

Lasting Colour

Salon in a Bottle is truly waterproof. You can swim and sweat with no issue of the colour dripping, smudging or changing look throughout the day. Other brands typically use artificial colour that cannot stay constant when stressed by the environment and daily activities.

More Bang For Buck

Each Salon in a Bottle colour lasts approximately 50 uses per bottle. This means no more worrying about your spray colour suddenly running out at a moment’s notice. Even though the bottle is small, the spray has a high concentration of colour pigment so you use less spray per session and with more coverage. This also results in a softer colour result that looks more natural for a more discreet appearance. Other brands typically spray far too much colour per session so the bottle quickly drains. This overdose of colour also results in clumping, matted hair that looks unnatural.



Hair Levels:




Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What makes Salon in a Bottle better than the other root concealers?

A. Their formula is superior – softer, shinier and stays put until you shampoo it out. Their patented actuator nozzle sprays product exactly where you want it! Their colours are natural, nuanced and sophisticated. There is also more product to the bottle, giving you more value.


Q: What is this product made of?

A. Their superior formula is made with natural microfiber mineral colourants with Vitamin E, Chamomile, and Green Tea extracts. No ammonia is used and the spray is free of harsh chemicals and dyes.


Q: How do I apply?

A. Easy and fast! See the videos on top right of page. Shake bottle well. Hold bottle 4-6 inches from hair. Spray just enough to cover roots. Let dry before touching.


Q: What are some common mistakes people make in application?

A. Don’t overspray. Only spray enough to cover your roots! More is not better with Salon in a Bottle!


Q. What if some sprays on my skin or clothes?

A. No problem! Simple wash off with Q Tip or cotton towel and soap and water. It also comes off clothes easily with stain spray and regular laundry detergent.


Q: Does it interfere with my hair colour application?

A. No. Salon in a Bottle recommend shampooing product out before getting your hair coloured though. However if a little residue is left, it does not interfere with hair colour.

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