Home Spa Sponges


Sponge Away Impurities

The use of home spa sponges has become increasingly popular with beauty and skincare treatments. Sponges are excellent exfoliators and cleansing tools that ensure minimal wastage and maximum effectiveness across large areas of the skin. Choose from an array of sponges intended for different sections of the body and lather away!

Spa Sponges are vitally important when it comes to personal cleaning. Many dismiss them and use whatever they can find. This often leads to discomfort as the one they end up using is not the right match for their skin. You need to first analyse your skin and determine the right option for you. Do you have very sensitive skin that needs gentle cleansing? You would need a soft choice in that instance. Do you often exfoliate and your skin can take that? Then you would need a coarser sponge.