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Showing 1–28 of 73 results

Hair Scissors & Thinners With Razor-Sharp Performance

A pair of professional hair scissors and thinners makes all the difference when cutting hair. We offer a range of professional hair salon scissors and hair thinning scissors. Browse our selection to find the best hair cutting scissors for your needs.

How are hair scissors different from regular scissors?

Hair scissors use the highest quality stainless steel for the best durability.

The cutting edge is honed to ensure long-lasting and maintenance-free sharpness. The finger holes are also designed to be ergonomic for the user and reduce strain even when used for hours at a time.

Where to buy hair scissors in South Africa?

Our online store has one of the largest selections of left- and right-handed scissors in South Africa. All our hair scissors are salon grade and come in a range of colours and designs. We also stock hair thinning scissors and professional barber scissors.

The best scissors for cutting hair

Hair should always be cut with professional hairdressing scissors that are made from high-quality stainless steel with an exceptionally sharp edge. This gives the stylist more control. Hair is also cut quicker and more cleanly, with less potential for damage.

What are hair thinning scissors?

Hair thinning scissors are used to add texture and to thin out very thick hair to make it more manageable.

They can also be used to soften and blend edges. One of the scissor blades has notches or teeth, so the scissors only cut some of the hair with each snip.

Are thinning scissors bad for hair?

Thinning scissors are generally considered safe to use without damaging the hair, unlike razors which can be very damaging.

However, a professionally trained barber or hairdresser will get better results with thinning scissors than an amateur. Overuse can result in frizziness, especially with dry or very curly hair, or overly thinned hair.

At Hairhouse Warehouse, we offer a range of professional, salon-quality hair cutting scissors and thinning scissors for sale online. Simply register and order, and we’ll deliver.