Make-Up Brushes

Make-Up Brushes

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Showing 1–28 of 123 results

No Makeup Kit Is Complete Without High-Quality Makeup Brushes

From applying your foundation to fine-lining your lips, we have everything you need.

You can spend a fortune or look out for cheap but good makeup brush sets. But before you buy yours, make sure you know exactly what you need.

What types of makeup brushes do I need?

Expert makeup artists always have a full eye makeup brush set. This includes several brush types:

    • eyeliner brush
    • mascara brush
    • angled brush
    • crease brush
    • eyebrow brush

Along with good-quality eyeshadow brushes, the following makeup brushes can dramatically improve makeup application:

    • Foundation brush: A round brush will give a light, soft finish, while square or flat brushes can be used for a full coverage finish when you apply heavier makeup. Square brushes are also handy for applying primer and colour corrector.

    • Powder brush: For applying light mineral powder or compact powder. You can also create a “safety net” under the eyes with loose powder, for catching bits of eyeshadow. Lightly brush this away after application and finish with a touch of foundation applied with a round brush.
    • Blending brush: If you love contouring, you need one of these thin, tapered brushes. It’s traditionally used for blending eyeshadow, but works just as well when highlighting or accenting your features with foundation and powder.
    • Stippling brush: A stippling brush is white at the tips (softer fibres) to pick up product, and more dense with brown fibres lower down for application. It’s used to apply blush, bronzer, powder or highlighting powder.
    • Blush brush: You guessed it – this brush is used to apply blush to the apples and bones on your cheeks.

    • Lip brushes: Lipstick and gloss lovers need thin liner brushes and angled brushes to carefully apply their lip colour with.

How to clean makeup brushes

It’s important to clean makeup brushes regularly. This keeps them hygienic and ensures they last longer and perform better.

To clean makeup brushes, follow these steps:

    • rinse the bristles with lukewarm water
    • gently massage makeup brush cleanser or soap into the bristles
    • rinse well and squeeze out extra moisture
    • reshape the brush head and then leave upright to air dry

Make sure the brushes are completely dry before packing them away.

How can I safely store my makeup brushes?

It’s best to store makeup brushes in a zipper bag or toolbox designed for the purpose. Make sure the brushes stay straight, with unbent bristles.

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